Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wreaths, buntings and ripples

Hello everybody

Very inspired by Attic24 I would like to show you today the wreaths and buntings I decorated my home with.

This wreath, full of roses, hangs on my kitchen wall.

This other one is very nice in my hallway. I love that birdie.

For the living room I chose triangle bunting.

I couldn’t forget Angel’s room. This cute little birdie was so sweet.

Back in the kitchen, there was still a space for little something. This heart garland was just it.

I got so excited about the buntings and garlands; I even came up with my own one.

Flower garland chart

You need:
Any yarn suitable for your project
I use crochet hook size G/4mm (with this size hook the side of the triangle measures cca 11cm/4,3’’
Tapestry needle 

I made five triangles, blocked them, and sprayed them with the water with drop of starch in it. Then I left them to dry. Afterwards I simply sewed them together by picots. You may crochet them together as you go. I also made a few chain stitches on each side of the garland, which made it easier to pin it to the shelves.


Finally I finished my ripple blanket. It took me nearly three months of more or less intensive crocheting. The biggest problem I had was the edging. I just wanted to come up with something special, and I think I did – I added little beads into the top and bottom of blanket. There it is, and I proudly call it: “Soft ripple blanket“.

Soft ripple blanket with beads pattern
Size 125cm x 180cm (cca 50’’ x 70’’)

You need: (for this size blanket)
I used 1kg and 100g (2lb 8oz) of soft acrylic baby yarn suitable for E-G/3,5-4mm hook.
I used a little bit bigger crochet hook than suggested - H/5mm
Yarn Needle
62 plastic beads (2-3mm)

Terms/Abbreviations: I used US terminology
ch    chain
slst   slip stitch
sc     single crochet
hdc  half  double crochet
dc    double crochet
st     stitch
beg  beginning

There are so many variations of the ripples. I chose to follow Sucrette’s chart for mine.
I chain 210 + 3, than I made two rows of dc’s with the same colour, repeating six colours over.
All together I did 158 dc rows.

I used edging with the beads. Just one thing, be careful what kind of beads you are using. Make sure that they are not too fragile, not too big or small and they are colourfast.
First I crochet on the longer sides sc-ch2 sideways into every dc, then on both sides from the right side of the blanket. 

With a needle I manage to put the beads on the yarn and started to slst them very loosely to the top of the blanket, again from the right side of the blanket. 

Don’t cut the yarn on the end of the row, keep going around to the side and keep crocheting 2hdc into ch2 from previous row. Continue to the end of the side.

Do the bottom the same way as the top, and keep going to other side. I have to stress again all the edges are crochet from the right side.

If you come up with any problems or difficulties, write to me, I’ll be more than happy to help.

That’s all for today.
Have nice afternoon.

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  1. Could you write out the pattern for the flower Garland . I love it but can't follow the chart.