Friday, December 25, 2015

More decorations

We have been so exited about making felted decorations, that I would like to share some more ideas with you.


You need: for 14cm ( 5,6”) tall snowman
I used felt scraps for the body
Scissors, three buttons, two little beads for eyes and cotton stuffing,
I used cross-stitch thread (DMC) for the “Blanket stitch” to stitch the whole project together (You can find the tutorials on “youtube”)
A few meters of some decorative yarn, 4mm knitting needles

The way I did it:
I drew an amateur template using pastry cutters. Using a compass may be good idea as well.
Cut out the template pieces from the paper, pin the paper to the felt and cut out each piece. You need to cut out two pieces for the snowman body.

At this time I hand stitched the eyes and mouth to make the face, and the other buttons on the belly to one of the pieces.
Than, pin the two body shapes together. Use “Blanket stitch” to sew around the edge, but leave gap for the stuffing. Fill the snowman with stuffing. He can be as skinny or as fat as you like. Stitch the edges together to finish it.


My snowman scarf measures cca 2cm x 25cm (0,8” x 10”).
I used 4mm knitting needles, cast on 6, knit on right side, purl on wrong side of the scarf. The yarn I choose is decorative enough, so I didn’t need to use any complicated stitch.
And there it is. A pretty little snowman finished in no time. 


Cute Angels

I found the tutorial for this cute angel HERE.

I made two of them. One, with the grey hair using the pattern above, and second one with yellow hair, as a combination of pattern above and my snowman.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope you will get everything you wish for in following year.


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