Monday, August 17, 2015

Wedding shawl pattern

I was inspired by pattern from Ravelry 
You will find free written pattern there. I made couple of changes and added the chart for 6-leaf flower and this is it. The modify version of the shawl.

Size: cca 200cm x 40cm (cca 80’’ x 16’’)
You can vary the size of your shawl by using different types of material and size of hooks.
You can also add the flowers or repeat some of the rows 4-19 as many times as you like – until you get the size of the shawl you require.
The pattern/chart is very versatile.

You need: (for this size shawl)
I used 150g of soft acrylic baby yarn suitable for a 2 - 2,5 mm hook, but I used a little larger crochet hook than suggested - E/3,5 mm, as it made the shawl fluffier.
125 little beads (optional)
Yarn Needle, marker

Terms/Abbreviations: I used US terminology
st     stitch
ch    chain
slst   slip stitch
sc     single crochet
dc    double crochet
tr     treble crochet
dtr   double treble crochet
st     stitch
beg   beginning

Start with flower motif. I made 6-leaf flower - the flower from original pattern was far too big for shawl I made. Don’t turn, just keep going in rounds. Follow the chart.

Ch 5, slst. to form the ring.
Round 1: ch7 ( count as dc + ch4 ) into the ring, dc – ch4, dc – ch4, dc – ch4, dc – ch4, dc – ch4, slst into the 3rd ch from first ch7. ( 6dc’s – 6 ch4 spaces )
Round 2: Slst. into next ch4 space, *ch5 – 7tr – ch4 – slst. into the same ch4 space, slst. into next ch4 space*, repeat from* to* ( 6 petals ). Fasten off and wave the ends.
I joined 31 flowers in a cca 2 meters long row at first. Join the flowers with sc’s as you go ( see the chart ).

Work the shawl back and forth from now on. Turn at the end of each row.
Start where it is indicated with green arrow on the chart. Follow the number of ch stitches as shown. On the end of the rows help yourself with slst. to get where you need to be.
The number of the rows is shown on the chart in the circle on the right side.
I added the beads into every ch stitch in row 21.

And there it is, a very simple maybe even wedding shawl.

If you come up with any problems or difficulties, write to me, I’ll be more than happy to help.
Have a nice week


  1. How beautiful-I absolutely love this! Thank you very much for posting this! :)

  2. My son's getting married in October (I'm in Florida) and wand just something to cover, but not heavy. It's very sharp & classey looking. Then I think you alway can dress it down also! I LOVE it & thank you for posting.

  3. This is beautiful thank you so much xxx

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  5. This is a Reheart pattern from the 80's! I have it!

  6. Me encanta lo voy a aser pero cerrado una pregunta al final con que punto lo cierra el punto cangrejo

  7. I can't figure out how to connect flowers. Having a brain fart.