Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Autumn/Winter Poncho – free crochet pattern

I found beautiful free pattern for a blanket and I decided to use it as part of poncho I was going to make. And here it is for all of you.

Autumn/Winter Poncho – Free pattern

One size fits most (side cca 60cm/24”, front cca 90cm/36”)
One square cca 48cm x 48cm (19”x 19”)

You need: (for this size poncho)
I used 560g (cca 1200 meters) of 100% acrylic yarn (I used “Nako colormatik” and 2 different colored acrylic yarns of the same strength)
Crochet hook G/4mm
Yarn Needle, marker

Terms/Abbreviations: I used US terminology
ch              chain 
slst.            slip stitch
sc               single crochet
dc               double crochet 
st                stitch 
2sctog.        two single crochet together

At first you need to make 4 squares. For the front one I used a free pattern for the blanket I found here: .
The final size of the square is 48cm x 48cm (19”x 19”). You can see in the picture below.

For the back square and side squares I used a moderated granny square. You can see the picture with color combinations above and a simple chart below. You can use any square you like. This one just suited my purposes.

Joining the squares:
I joined the squares by 2sctog, from each of the two squares, ch1, skip 1 on each of the two squares (green writing). You can see the detail and chart on the pictures below. Again, you can use any stitch for joining the squares you like. 

Edging/border around the poncho:

I went around the whole poncho using the same pattern as you can see on the basic chart (pictured above) – round 3 and 4 (red writing). I made one more “picot” round – Starting in any of ch2 corners, join the yarn, ch4, slst. in the same ch2, (slst. over next 6 st., ch4, slst. in the same st.), repeat () all the way around. You may need to moderate the number of sls. between ch4’s a little towards the end.

Edging neckline:

I worked the neckline in the same way as the corners on the main front square. I made a link to the pattern above. I think it’s a very well written pattern, with lots of charts, easy to understand, and it has many variations to choose from.
Then I finished with a “picot round”.

And there it is - a very noticeable Poncho. The main square is interesting, with many variations and the pattern is suitable for dedicated beginner as well.
If you come up with any problems or difficulties, write to me, and I’ll be more than happy to help.
Have a nice week

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