Sunday, September 20, 2015

Soft shawl with bobbles

Last week I was working on and finishing two projects.
First was this soft shawl/scarf with bobbles.
It’s based on this pattern:
I put together a little bit extended version, using knitting and crocheting as well.

Soft shawl with bobbles- pattern

Size 160cm x 90cm (cca 64’’ x 36’’) 

You need: (for this size shawl)
I used 200g of soft acrylic baby yarn suitable for E/3,5 mm hook, but I used a little bit bigger crochet hook and knitting needles than suggested – 4,5mm, as it made the shawl fluffier.
Yarn Needle, marker

Terms/Abbreviations for crocheting: I used US terminology
ch    chain 
slst   slip stitch
sc     single crochet
dc    double crochet 
st     stitch 
beg   beginning

For the initial shawl I followed pattern you’ll find here:
It’s very easy to follow. Even though I am a knitting beginner only, I did manage it without any problems.
Your shawl can be as big or small, as you like, by adjusting the amount of rows.
I finished with row 7 of the pattern – I was knitting and finishing (binding) at the same time. I didn’t make the picot edge from this original pattern.

I decided to finish the shawl with bubbles.
It goes like this: *sc, ch3-2dc’s together, ch3, slst. into same sc, sc into following 4 stitches* and repeat **. I had to improvise at the bottom by dropping some sc’s between bubbles.

You might like to use another version of bubbles. I made edging like that before on “Simple blue shawl”.

Second project I finished was this grey cardigan. The blue one I made a while ago. For both of them I used the free pattern I found here. It’s fantastic pattern and very easy to follow. Both of the cardigans are made to order but I have a serious plan to make one for myself as well.

Have a nice week

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