Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas decorations

Today  I picked up a few cute thing, that may came handy around Christmas.

In this country is quite common to take the shoes of when entering anybodies house. So I found these beautiful slippers. At Christmas time, when  people are visiting or  people are being visited more often, these slippers can come handy. You can carry them with you everywhere and you’ll be more than in.

I‘m not against bought decorations, but I still like to make some of my own. I found these and I think Mary and Joseph fit into our setup nicely.

And there was something missing in our kitchen and this one was the cutest one.

Every year the nursery organizes little show, where kids are singing carols around Christmas tree. It’s followed by indoor markets, where the kids are selling things they made. Usually decorations, gingerbread etc. Parents, grandparents or other family members also take part by donating their own hand made Christmas bits. It’s all sold and put towards some extra special gift for the children. This year will be truly special, since the nursery got flooded not so long ago due to some plumbing problems. Nearly everything is replaced by now, but we all trying to help as much as we can.
I baked some gingerbread 

and crocheted 30 little Angels as a tree decorations

We are slowly cleaning my grandmas attic after she passed away, and I found loads of old magazines. It was very hard to read it, and I had to redraw it. This heart chart gave me reason to make the shelf look nicer. 

I even made some lace for a friend.

Lacy hearts pattern
You need: 
Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet (size 10), or any kind of suitable cotton
Crochet hook 1.25mm – 1.5mm
Tapestry needle

Chart Key
space   (dc in dc, ch 1, skip 1 sts)
block   (dc in dc, dc in next dc or dc in next space)

Stitches used: (US terminology used here)
(ch)      chain 
(dc)      double crochet 
(slst.)    slip stitch 
(sp)       space    

The size may vary slightly depending on type and/or thickness of thread you using. 
Ch 27, dc into 4th ch from the hook and continue according to the chart. Repeat as many times as needed, until you reach the length required.

If you come up with any problems or difficulties, write to me, I’ll be more than happy to help.

This all made me pretty busy last couple of days.
The progress on my curtain for Angels room is slow, but I’m really dedicated to finish it before Christmas.

See you soon.

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  1. hello clara , i have a problem with your pattern lace heart , i can not get the right i have 27 chains and i start in the 4th chain from hook but there is only 6 st left when there should be 7 st can jo please help me and explaine the pattern for me .... thanks