Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter decorations

I’m trying to stay in contact with England as much as I can.  A few months ago at the local library the Bridge club opened classes, so I signed up. Every Tuesday evening we’re meeting at the library learning the game. I have to admit it’s harder than I thought, but I’m progressing (very slowly). I met interesting people and found out, that the Junior world Bridge champion of last year, is boy from this town. I’m in the right place to learn from the best.
In this bridge class I met ladies who are organizing all sort of charity projects. I decided to help with my little bit as well. It is meant to be for Easter and for the children. I found these beautiful bunnies and made around 40 of them. They are going to be given to the children together with Easter eggs on Easter Monday.
I would like to thank to Doni for supplying this very easy to follow pattern.

With my little Angel we visited the Easter markets on the main square. It was even warm enough for an ice cream.

It wouldn’t be Eater in this part of Europe without the Easter sheep cake. It’s very traditional baked sponge cake. There are even competitions between people and villages regarding who’s gonna make the best one, biggest one, or the most interesting one.

I can’t help but share with you few little Easter things Angel made in her nursery and in her art class. I’m a sooooo proud mummy.

Of course we do buy chocolate eggs, but we are making our own non chocolate decorated eggs as well, using various techniques. The decorating and painting of eggs is another custom around here.


I found these simple charts in some old magazines in my grandma’s attic. I think it’s a nice decoration, not for the kitchen only.

Filet eggs decorations - charts
Cca 13 cm x 16 cm ( 6,5 “ x 8“).

You need:
Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet (size 10), or any kind of suitable cotton
Crochet hook 1.25mm – 1.5mm
Tapestry needle

Chart Key
space   (ch 2, skip 2 sts, dc in dc)
block   (dc in dc, dc in next dcs or in next spaces)

Stitches used: (US terminology used here)
(ch)      chain 
(dc)      double crochet 

Row 1: ch 16 + 3 
Row 2: dc into 4th ch from the hook and follow the chart.

Happy Easter everybody


  1. The decorations are all so colorful and pretty. Angel did such a good job on hers. Bless her. Can you share the bunny pattern or point me in the direction to get it? I love how adorable and simple it is. I hope your Easter was a lovely one with lots of good times.

  2. I found the pattern for the bunnies on Raverly. Duhhhh you had linked it. I overlooked it. LOL Super adorable for sure. Thanks... Happy Easter.

  3. LOVE love LOVE...the filet doilies you have in your glass cabinets. I have glass cabinets and want to make them for decorations. How did you attach your to the windows? Double stick tape?? They are SO perfect!!! Thank you.....

  4. I am new at filet crochet! I think I need a book to teach me the basics!