Sunday, March 20, 2016

Top with flower – written pattern

I’m terribly sorry I’m not posting as often as I used to. I’m not trying to neglect it, but I have now started a full time job. It’s harder than I thought to co-ordinate a job, my family/child duties and my hobbies without any help. Something had to give for a little while. It had to be crocheting and posting, but I do have serious withdrawal symptoms. I hope I will find soon a more acceptable way to organize everything, mainly that tiny bit of my personal time I’m left with now. I’m admiring every one of you who can. I will get there soon, I hope.

Never less I do have a new pattern for you. I really do like this flower motive. I did try to follow a few charts I found, but the flower never ended up the way I like and the shape of the top didn’t work out either.
So, I made this one. I hope you will like it. I think it is an easy to follow written pattern that a dedicated beginner can make as well. When I tried it, I followed the pattern and it was much easier than actually designing and writing the pattern for it.

I made my top in very plain color, so you can see the pattern well. The variations of colors are endless.

There are many pictures to help guide you through the crocheting, and supporting the written pattern for this top. 

I am providing the pattern for this very pretty top with flower for symbolic price only, and you can find it here.

Have a nice week

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