Monday, July 6, 2015

White Pineapple top

In the last three weeks I have been trying to make this white top. I love the pineapple design a lot on everything. After a bit of googling I found few free charts and I started to crochet. I have to admit I was not very successful. None of the tops I was trying to make based on the charts I had came out the way I wanted. They were hanging too much or/and didn’t have any form or shape. After trying all sort of materials and playing with the charts (mainly adding and reducing chain stitches) I came up with this version. It’s based on a free chart I found. I had to enlarge it and modify it. I tried to make it as visible as possible, but feel free to write me on:, if you still have difficulties. I’ll send you the original chart scan or/and pics, so you can enlarge it even more.

White Pineapple top pattern

Size M  (You can vary the size of your top by using different types of material and size of hooks.)
Chest: 85-95cm (34-38’’), length: 53mm (22’’) (from the shoulder down)

You need: (for this size top)
I used cca 200g (772m) of yarn suitable for E/3,5 mm hook (It’s better if you are using yarn with some elastic in it – it’ll give the top nicer form, than 100%cotton).
Yarn Needle, 4 markers

Terms/Abbreviations: I used US terminology 
chain                   ch 
single crochet       sc
double crochet      dc
treble crochet       trc
double trc            dtrc
slip stitch             slst. 
shell                    2dc – ch3 -2dc
Note: dtrc - Yarn over 3 times, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through a loop, [yarn over, pull through 2 loops] 4 times.

Top part
It is worked in circular crochet method, beginning at the top going down. Ch3 at the beginning counts as dc. Slip stitch to join at end of each round and slst. over 2dc’c into ch3 space. Don’t turn, but continue in same direction. (This is applying to rounds 1- 20 of the top part, sleeves, and to rounds 1 – 32 of the body/bottom part of the white top).

Ch 160 (It’s better to crochet with two strings and D/3mm hook), slst. to first ch. Make sure it doesn’t twist.
From here on you continue with one string of the yarn and E/3,5mm hook.

Round 1: ch3 (counts as dc), dc into next ch, ch3, dc into next 2 ch, ch5- skip 4ch and repeat to the end. You should have 20 2dc/ch3/2dc(shell) groups with ch5 between them.
Rounds 2 & 3: follow the chart
Round 4: slst into ch3 space, ch3 (counts as dc), dc into same space, ch3, 2dc into same space, ch8, 2dc’s – ch4 -2dc into same space into nest shell.
Rounds 5-20: follow the chart
If you have trouble to see the amount of ch stitches you should make, there is: ”Basic pineapple chart” you can follow – it is much clearer. This chart doesn’t apply for first 6 rounds.

By end of round 20 the piece should measure cca 20cm/8”. Fasten off.

Body/Bottom part
Lie the top down flat (pineapple on pineapple) as you can see on the photo, and mark down where the sleeves will be before you continue to crochet.
Round 1: Start where indicated on photo. Ch3, dc - ch3 – 2dc’s in same shell from previous round, ch3, 2 dc’s into next (middle) shell, ch4 (do not continue with sleeve – skip the next shell, unfinished pineapple, 3 shells, another unfinished pineapple, next shell and all the ch’s between), 2 dc’s into next (middle) shell, right opposite the shell with 2dc’s before you did ch4. Continue following the chart until you get to second sleeve opening. Make it the same way as the first one.

I have to say that I cannot explain it in words any other way. I’m sure, that if you look at the photo, you’ll be able to put it together. It looks complicated, but it really just sounds that way. It’s not.

Round 2–32: Follow the chart. Fasten off. At this point you should have 6 unfinished pineapples. 

Sleeves: Start where indicated on photo. Follow the same directions as for the top’s body. You will end up at round 32 as well, with 2 unfinished pineapples.

Finishing pineapple:
Start from the right side of the top.
From now on you’ll be turning your work on the end of each round!!!!
Follow ”Basic pineapple chart” from rounds 10 – 17.
In round 17, you don’t have to crochet 4 chain stitches between shells. I haven’t done any ch stitches. You should see how the top is looking by now, to see how many ch is suitable for you.
Finish all 10 pineapples (6 bottom + 4 sleeves).
I haven’t made any edging. I believe it’s not needed, it’s pretty as it is.

Have a nice week


  1. This pattern looks interesting and your top is really cute. I found this listed in Ravelry - thanks for sharing it. Just a few questions: Could you provide some information about the yarn you used so that it would help in trying to find something similar. Hook size does not tell that much as people have different gauges and hooks are different. Also I would need some info about the gauge. Measures for the basic pineapple chart would be most useful, as it works as a quick sample.

    1. You cannot buy the same yarn I was using. Unfortunately the production was too expensive here.
      You need to find some +-80%cotton, +/20%polyamid yarn. 50g/190m.
      One pineapple measures cca 12cm/12cm.

  2. Lovely top...thx for your nice tutorial,..

  3. Lovely top...thx for your nice tutorial,..

  4. Wow! This is a pretty top! Thank you very much for posting. :)

  5. I may just drop everything I'm currently making and start THIS project! I especially love the sleeves, because it would take me into the cooler months ahead. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!

  6. Would Bamboo yarn work?

  7. Hello, I am planning to use size 10 thread. Also I need an XL or 1x size. What would be the count of chains?
    Please suggest.

    Thank you.

  8. I will try this! I do have problem following graphs, but I will try!

  9. hi.many is lots of hard work to pattern it and display it.thank you very much.