Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Little Spa holiday

Every summer holiday my little daughter and myself are visiting the Spa Town of Luhacovice for few days. We are very fortunate we are living only half and hours drive away. It’s an amazing little spa town with 15 thousands litrs of mineral water reaching the surface there every day, containing a large amount of dissolved mineral elements, with several natural springs. These are successfully easing people’s problems with bronchitis and asthma. The kids programs especially are very successful here.
So far there are 17 detected sodium hydrocarbonate acidulous springs and one sulphurous spring bubble, containing many dissolved mineral elements, particularly sodium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, bromine, iodine, carbonic acid, dissolved carbon dioxide. The temperature of the spring water is between 10 - 12 °C. (I was being Google smart here.)
The architecture of the town is very interesting and unique as well, as you will see from the pictures below.
Anyhow the two of us just coming here to have a fun – mainly swimming, taking long walks, trying to taste every spring and playing.


Just to stay in good mood I made for you a pattern for mandala wheel.

Mandala /coaster chart

You need:
The size of the coaster or mandala really depends on you.
The Pot holder on picture: has a diameter 26cm (10,4”)
The Coaster on picture: has a diameter 18cm (7,2”)
All together I used cca 70g of 100% acrylic yarn suitable for E/3,5mm crochet hook 
Yarn Needle, markers

Work the mandala or coaster in rounds. Do not turn. Slip stitch on end of each round; use chain stitches on the start of each new round (count as sc or dc). 
Start with magic ring or ch5 – slipstitch into first chain to form a ring.
Follow the chart.

Have a nice week

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