Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Autumn shell purse with zipper charm

Pattern / tutorial :
35cm x 33cm (14” x 13”), bottom cca 25cm x 10cm (10” x 4”)
The size really depends on type of material and size of the hook you are using, which is up to you.

You need: 
I used 320 grams of  100% cotton
Crochet hook G/4mm
Yarn needle, 30cm (12”) zipper
A bit of fabric for lining (I used strong cotton)
A few beads for a charm

Terms/Abbreviations: I used US terminology
ch       chain
slst      slip stitch
sc       single crochet
dc       double crochet
st        stitch
sk       skip

Bottom of the purse:
It is worked in circular (oval in this case) crochet method. Slip stitch join at end of each round. Don’t turn, but continue in same direction.
Ch 30, sc into 2nd ch from the hook and follow the chart. I made 10 rounds but it’s really depending on how tight or loose are you crocheting and/or how big or small you would like to have the bottom of the purse.

For the body of the purse you need to have in the last round of the bottom, the amount of stitches that can be divided by 6. Don’t panic if there are a few more or less, just modify it by increasing or crocheting together some sc’s equally.

Purse body:
I used this simple shell pattern but there are so many variations you can find. I was swapping two colours only and I worked in circular crochet method as well. I finished when my purse measured 35cm (14”).

At this stage I put a lining in my purse. I made it on sewing machine then sewed it in the purse by hand, to the second last shell. I suppose, you can sew the lining by machine as well. I just don’t know how visible it’ll be on outside.

Handle is worked backwards and forwards. 
Ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from the hook (5sc’s). Make 6 rows. 
Row 7: Increase in first and fifth sc’s (7sc’s)
Row 8: Increase in first and seventh sc’s (9sc’s)
From now on you just keep working backwards and forwards for as many rows as are needed. I worked this way until my handle measured cca 55cm (22”), then I decreased the same way as I increased at the beginning. All together my handle piece was cca 60cm (24”). Make two.
I sewed the two parts of handle together over very soft but tough string. That way the handle doesn’t stretch. I sewed the handle to the purse through the lining, that way it’s strong enough to carry all the things for a “girl’s” needs.

I’m adding zippers to most of my purses. This time I put the zipper in at the end.
I used the method that you can see on pictures below. I think it looks very neat and tidy. Just remember to use a very small and sharp hook to go through the material around the zipper. I added two rows of sc’s to make it look better.
Than I sewed the zipper with the extension to the purse by hand.

Zipper charm:
I thought this zipper charm could be nice addition to my purse.
Start with magic ring.
Round 1: ch3, 11dc’s 
Round 2: join between any dc’s, ch2-dc in the same space- crochet together, ch2, 2dc’s together – ch2 in every space between dc’s. (12 2dc’s together – 24ch).
Round 3: join anywhere. 2sc’s in every ch2 space from previous round, sc in every 2dc’s together from previous round. (36 sc’s).
I finished by adding some beads on one side, and little bells on the other, but it’s really up to your imagination how you going to finish your charm.

And there it is. A rather simple and versatile purse or an idea for one at least. 

If you come up with any problems or difficulties, write to me, and I’ll be more than happy to help.
Have a nice week

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