Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pineapple wall clock

Today I prepared for you a tutorial for the pineapple-hanging clock.

Round pineapple wall clock tutorial

Size - diameter 30cm (12”)

You need: 
Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet (size 10) cotton, but any kind of cotton, acrylic or silk will do just fine as long as it has the same thickness. I used cca 150 meters.
Crochet hook 1.25mm
Tapestry needle
Wall clock kit 12" (30cm) – you can find these on Etsy
White acrylic paint (optional)
Glue suitable for paper or fabric (I used decoupage glue)
Clear vanish

-First I crocheted the pineapple doily.
Pattern notes: The doily is worked in circular crochet method, beginning at center of the circle. Slip stitch join at the end of each round. Don’t turn, but continue in same direction. I used free written pattern for doily I found here:
Just follow the pattern, but before you’ll start round one don’t crochet ch4 and slip stitch. Make magic ring instead. It will be easier to adjust the doily around the clock mechanism in future.
-Put the doily into the starch and iron it when dry. That will give the doily a nice shape, and it will make it easier to glue it on the clock base.

-I painted the wooden base of the clock with white acrylic color. That’s optional. I did it because it made the beige/brown doily stand out more.

-After, I put a generous amount of clear decoupage glue on the white base and pressed the doily onto it. Make sure each pineapple is in the right position before the glue dries. Make sure it dries right through.

-I put two layers of clear vanish over it. Leave enough time between the two coats of varnish as written in the instructions. It will secure the doily, as well as protecting it from the dust.


-When it is totally dry, attach the clock mechanism to it and hang it on the wall.

A doily doesn’t only have to be a place mat. This is just another way to show you how the pineapple pattern can be used.

Have a nice week

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