Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pineapple skirt

Hello everybody, I know I have been a little longer than usual. Thank you for your patience. I was trying to finish a skirt and the pattern for the skirt so I could share it with you. And here it is:

The Pineapple skirt pattern

The size really depends on the type of material and size of hook you are using. You can vary the size by using a different type of material and size of hook.
The one I made (on the picture) is cca 80cm (32”) long and cca 95cm (38”) around the hips.

You need:
I used 300g – 350g of acrylic yarn (It’s better if you are using yarn with some elastic in it – it’ll give the skirt a nicer form, than 100% cotton. It will make the skirt fit better as well).
Crochet hook 3mm
Yarn Needle
16 little beads (optional)

Terms/Abbreviations: I used US terminology
ch          chain
slst         slip stitch
sc          single crochet
dc          double crochet
st           stitch
3dctog.  3 dc together
2dctog.  2 dc together

Note: Please read all the instructions first, so you can choose which way you want to make your skirt.

At first I made 8 pineapple squares. One square measures cca 12cm (4,8”). See the chart bellow. It is all depending on size of your skirt. The pattern can be use for any even or odd amount of squares.

When I had all the squares I needed, I sewed them together – backstitch only. The other option is to join them together with sc’s if you like. You should end up with sort of circle made out of squares.

Top part of the skirt
Work the top of the skirt in rounds. Do not turn. Slip stitch on end of each round.
I started with the top part of the skirt, but it’s really up to you if you will work the way I did. Use the 
“chart no.1” you can see above, how to make the top of the skirt. After row 1 following this chart you should have 280 dc’s around. And just keep following the chart. Fasten of. Weave the ends.

Lower part of the skirt
Work the lower part of the skirt in rounds as well. Do not turn. Slip stitch on end of each round. Use slip stitch on end of each round to get where you need to be to start next round. Start with row/round of dc’c same as with the top of the skirt – 280dc’s – backstitch only. The pineapple pattern is repeating every 20 stitches. You should end up with 14 pineapple motives. To start, follow row/round 1 and 2 from the 
“chart no. 2” you can see below. After finishing row 2 work rows/rounds 3 – 10 from “chart no.3” below. Afterwards repeat rounds 1-10 from “chart no.3” as many times as needed to obtain the length of the skirt you desire. Finish your work on lower part of the skirt with round 6 of the “chart no.3” – you should have 14 unfinished pineapple motives. Fasten of. Weave the ends.

Lower edge of the skirt
Now we are going to be finishing the pineapple motives. Start each pineapple motive from the right side of the skirt/work. From now on you’ll be turning your work back and forth on the end of each round!!!!
Follow the “chart no.4” above. Start with round 7.
As you can see on the pictures I added a little bead on end of each pineapple. That is optional.

Drawstring through the top of the skirt
I just thought it would look nice to put a drawstring with pineapples through the top of my skirt. It can be used to hold the skirt up if needed as well. To do it, I used the pattern for earrings you can find here.

There it is. You should have nice skirt now, or an inspiration for one at least.
To my knowledge this is as best way I can explain how to make this pineapple skirt.
I hope you can understand me, however if you come up with any problems or difficulties, write to me, and I’ll be more than happy to help, or explain further.
Have a nice week


  1. thanq so much. very nicely explained. i love this pinapple pattern...

  2. Very nice skirt, but I have difficulty reading charts. Can you post written pattern? Thank you!

  3. Thanx for sharing, very nice skirt.

  4. Replies
    1. What a beautiful pattern! Thank you for sharing you labour of love. I too would love to know the weight of the yarn that you used. Is it fingering weight? How many stitches per inch? Thanks in advance!

    2. I used around 350 grams of elastic acrylic yarn.
      For the gauge is the best to make one pineapple square - count out how many squares you will need around your hips and go from there.

  5. Clara,
    Lovely explanation....will definitely try & post my finished product :)
    Thank you & God Bless

  6. I can't read a chart like that. Do you have a written pattern? Thank you.

  7. Clara milano can u write a pattern?

    1. Hi, maybe in the future I will write one.Right now I´m to busy with orders for my shop. Sorry.

  8. When you start the square how many CH do you do?

    1. Also four the 4th round in the conner is it 3dctgot or did you just did 3 DC?I looked at the picture of the square and couldn't really tell. You can email me at I love your work and would like too give this a try.

  9. your pattern. I do have a ? on Chart #3....after completing row 10 which row do we start with? The bottom row says 10 should it say 11 instead? Also on the square what is your starting chain circle? I am guessing 12 but could you confirm please. I am going to try a #10 crochet(doily) thread.

  10. Veo q esta perfectamente explicado ahora comenzare a hacerla .ojala me salga

  11. I've never been able to read a chart/diagram before. I love this skirt so much I learned how just to make it. Now I know how to read the charts as well as have a gorgeous skirt. Thank you!

  12. I was not able to find the pattern for the pineapple belt/tie
    Could you send that to me please

  13. Thank you for sharing this pattern will make one soon.

  14. Hi! I m not able to find the pattern for the purple skirt belt tied
    Could you send that to me please...