Saturday, April 11, 2015

Union Jack purse

Today I’d like to show you some of the knitting I did. I have to say up front, I’m not a knitter. I’m crocheter with all my heart, but from time from time I’m having little affair with knitting. I started when I was a teenager and I watched my mum knitting all the time, but I had “more important” things to do than, as we all had.
Not long ago I made this Knitted heart shawl you could see here previously posted already.

After I finished this shawl, I didn’t feel any more experienced than I was before, but it hasn’t stopped me coming up with something of mine own. By now you know that I love making the purses and bags of any kind. So I came up with this knitted Union Jack purse.

I have to admit it was very hard for me. I had to learn first how to knit together more colors. You Tube helped me a lot. If you, like me, would like to make this purse, but are not blessed with advanced knitting skills, You Tube is the way to go, plus a bit of dedication, and you are off to a good start. 
Don’t get discourage if you can’t knit much, it shouldn’t stop you.

Union Jack purse - pattern

width 35cm x height 38cm (14”x 15”), handles cca 60cm (24”)
You need: 
I used cca 250 grams of red, 50 grams of off white and 50 grams of red/off white/orange multicolor yarn suggested for 4mm needles.
Straight needles 4mm
Yarn Needle 
Around 40cm x 90cm (16” x 36”) of cotton for the lining (you don’t have to use cotton)
30cm (12”) zipper

Stitches used:
K     knit, p     purl

The purse is worked from bottom up. The chart is showing all rows – right side (RS) and wrong side (WS).
The Union Jack and the Crown are worked K on RS, p on WS only. Grey windows on the chart (except the first row) are worked K on RS, p on WS.
All the backside of the purse and most of the front are worked in seed stitch (K1, p1 on the first row, and on all successive rows, K the P's and P the K's).

Front of the purse:
Cast on 65sts + 1 end stitch from each side.
Row 1: K1, p1 on the first row
Rows 2-6: K the p's and p the K's
Row 7: Starting stitch, 14 K the p's and p the K's, 37 K on RS, 14 K the p's and p the K's, end stitch.
Rows 8- 94: follow the chart
Row 95: RS, K  all K's and p's
Row 96: WS, p's

Back of the purse:
Cast on 65sts + 1 end stitch from each side.
Row 1: K1, p1 on the first row
Rows 2-94: K the p's and p the K's
Row 95: RS, K  all K's and p's
Row 96: WS, p's

Sew the sides and the bottom together now.

I used handles that I took of a purse I found in my favourit charity shop. I didn’t intended to do it, but when I saw the purse, which was perfect color and size match, for less than £1, I had to. I sewed the handle between the purse top and lining.

I recommend lining this purse, but is not required. It will help the bag to keep its shape better, and show off the knitted pattern!
I put a lining in most of my purses.  I’m sewing it in by hand, to the second last round of the purse’s body. I suppose, you can sew the lining by machine. I just don’t know how visible it’ll be from outside.

I’m adding zippers to most of my purses as well. Usually I put the zipper in at the end.
I sew a piece of fabric to the sides of zipper, and sew it in after I have put the handles and lining in.

There it is. You should have nice purse now, or an inspiration for one at least.
I hope you understand the way I wrote this pattern. If you come up with any problems or difficulties, write to me, and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Have a nice week

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