Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Multipurpose Hooded Cardigan – full written crochet pattern

All last month I was working on this Cardigan and the pattern for it. I really like wearing things with hoods, but it is not 100% practical all the time. I came up with this hood type which can be turned into a collar or a turtleneck, just by doing up or undoing a few buttons. I think it is handy.

This full pattern is written for size M, but I have written instructions for all sizes, so you can adjust it, as you need. There are many pictures plus a chart to help guide you through the crocheting, and supporting the written pattern for this cardigan. I’m sure that even a dedicated beginner can follow this pattern without problems.
I am providing the pattern for this cardigan for symbolic price only, and you can find it here:

Happy crocheting

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