Sunday, July 12, 2015

White tablecloth

White tablecloth pattern

Materials: for size 35cm x 65cm [14” x 26”]
150g of 100% cotton (210meters – 50g)
2mm hook. Tapestry needle.

Pattern notes: If you would like to make the tablecloth bigger or smaller - the basic motive is repeating every 21 stitches. The size may vary slightly depending on type and/or thickness of thread you using.

Terms/Abbreviations: I used US terminology 
chain                  ch 
single crochet      sc
double crochet     dc
picot                  pic (ch3, sc into 3rd ch from the hook)

Ch 114, dc into 5th ch from the hook and continue according to the chart.
Repeat rows 2-11 as many times as needed. (On the picture there are 101 rows).
In last row (101) make ch4 instead ch13. 

Border: Shorter sides
Row 1: Ch3 (counts as dc), dc in every stitch, 4dc’s in every ch space. (116dc’s) Turn.
Row 2: Ch3 (counts as dc), *ch8 – skip 4dc’s - dc into 5th dc*, repeat from*to*.  Turn. You should have 23 loops. 
Row 3: In every loop make 4sc – pic – 4sc

If you came up with any problems or difficulties, write to me, I’ll be more than happy to help.
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  1. Thank for pattern and diagrams pic.

  2. One thing is sure..this chart does not belong to the photo.
    I crochet for more then 40 years, I wish you would crochet this chart on video, lets see what pattern will come out ;)