Thursday, March 28, 2019

Fan shoulder bag –Full written pattern


I know there were not any activities on my blog for a while. I'm sorry for that. I am still with you and I am working very hard on new patterns I can share with you. I just have a little less time for posting right now. I'll try to change it.

Summer is coming pretty fast and I have made a pattern for this shoulder bag.


I think it is a very versatile and practical shoulder bag – you can use nearly any material you like and you can make the bag any size you like – from a little handbag to a large shoulder bag which can accommodate more than just necessities. It is up to you how big or small you will make it.

The pattern is made for a bag cca 40cm (16’’) wide and 35cm (14’’) high. The handles can be as long or short as you will make them.

You can vary the size of your bag by using different type of material and size of hook and/or adding/taking off the rounds of the bag. For this bag I used H/5mm crochet hook.

The pictures are there to help guide you through the crocheting, and supporting the written pattern for this bag. I think a patient and dedicated beginner will manage as well. I think it is nice and easy project which will not take more than few evenings and the outcome is gorgeous.

I am providing the pattern for this fan shoulder bag for a symbolic price only, and you can find it here:

or here:

Have a nice day

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