Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hello, just little update on what’s new in Emmhouse.

This is my beautiful Angel (age on picture one day). She celebrated her fifth birthday couple of day’s back. Until I had baby, I didn’t realize how time flies when you having fun.

I really like this setup on my favorite Attic24 blog. Inspired, I made little shelf of fame for my little Angel’s birthday.

There is unwritten rule here, that mums, whose child is having birthday, bakes cake for nursery party. The request was heaps of chocolate of course! I have to admit I’m not very good at baking cakes. Honestly its very time consuming and “worst” of all I love chocolate. The following usually happens: I bake it, I make it look nice and tasty. I’m trying to get Angel not to keep stuffing herself with sweets, so I keep eating the cake. I feel guilty, so I go on diet next week and that’s why don’t like to bake cakes. This scenario never fails :0))

I was cheating with this one – I bought it for our little home party. Those moments makes me rather upset, no big family. Everybody’s in England. Thank God for Skype.
But Angel was very exited; she didn’t even want anybody to cut it.

I had a forty plus something more! Birthday as well. I wasn’t as exited as Angel though. These kinds of roses, in these colors are my most favorite ones.

Now, a little progress report on my curtain under Angel’s bed. It looks.., well colorful. Every morning before I take her to nursery, she picks the colors for next row. That makes her feel a very important person, she’s the designer.

My ripple blanket is growing as well. Maybe not as fast as I would like it to, but we’re getting somewhere.

Have a very nice evening.

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