Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Another octagon pineapple shoulder bag

I made another pineapple shoulder bag and octagon shape proved to be interesting choice. It is custom made. And it is without handles – a customer requested this as she’s going to put her own on it.

I was using lighter white/pearl colored yarn - 60% cotton/40% acrylic.
It’s better to use stronger materials for lining. In this case I used very light beige denim. It gives the bag its strength, holds it in shape and the beige color makes the white top stand out nicely. This color combination gives you freedom to use any shape and/or color of handles you desire.  

I wrote the pattern for this shoulder bag a few months ago. There are many pictures to help guide you through the crocheting, and supporting the written pattern.

I am providing the pattern for this Octagon pineapple shoulder bag for symbolic price only, and you can find it here:

and here:

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