Thursday, August 3, 2017

Refurbished flower/denim bag – free tutorial

My little daughter “desperately needed” a new bag. Which girl doesn’t?
I found a suitable denim cross body bag in my local charity store. The only problem was it had some not very nice labels and stickers all over it. I just removed them and properly washed the bag.
I have all sorts of yarn and cotton leftovers. I used them to make the flowers. My daughter made the choice of colors and beads.
And that is what we came up with. I think it looks very cute and the colors are matching to pretty much every shade of pink garment in my daughter wardrobe.

Refurbished denim/flower bag - free tutorial

Size: cca 20cm x cca 20cm (8” x 8”)

You need:
Any yarn or cotton of your choice (I used odd bits of cotton)
A Crochet hook
A Yarn Needle
A Denim bag of your choice (I got mine in charity store)

Terms/Abbreviations: I used US terminology
ch       chain
slst     slip stitch
sc       single stitch
dc       double crochet
st        stitch

Body of the bag:
I just removed all the unwanted labels from the bag and washed it in the machine.

I used a very simple flower I found on the net. I don’t know who came up with the pattern for this flower first. There are so many practically identical free patterns available.
Round 1: MR, ch1, 15sc’s into the ring, slst. into first ch1, don’t turn.
Round 2: *ch2, 2dc’s in each of next two st,, ch2-slst. into next st.,* repeat 4 times, fasten off.

Sew the flowers on the bag the way you would like it or the way you can see it on my bag. I put a flower button in the center of each flower.

There it is. You should have nice bag now or an inspiration for one at least.
I hope you understand, but if you come up with any problems or difficulties, write to me, and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Have a nice week

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