Sunday, March 7, 2021

Simple tote bag - free pattern

Hello everyone,

Summer is fast approaching and this tote bag is very flexible, it can be worn for almost any occasion and most importantly it is very easy to make.

You can use nearly any material you like and you can make the bag any size you like – from a little handbag to a large shoulder bag which can accommodate more than just necessities. It is up to you how big or small you will make it.

This bag is 38cm (15’’) wide and 38(15’’) high. The handles can be as long or short as you will make them. In this case 40cm(16’’). This bag has a round bottom.

You can vary the size of your bag by using different type of material and size of hook and/or adding/taking off the rounds of the bag. For this bag I used K/7mm or bigger crochet hook.

There are lots of instructions for this bag and you will definitely choose one.  

I liked this one the most:


Some time ago I crocheted this handbag, which is based on similar instructions,
but it has an oval bottom.

Have a nice week.


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