Monday, April 18, 2022

Heart scarf - free charts

Size: (this scarf) approx. 180cm (72”) top, 80 cm (32’’) high .

You can vary the size of your scarf by using different type of material and size of hook and/or adding/taking off the rows.

You need: (for this size scarf)

I used “YarnArt – flowers moonlight” 1 ball (the ball is designed for crocheting / knitting one scarf) – 260g/1000m, E/3,5mm hook.

I followed this chart:

But below in the photos are a few other charts that can be used and achieve a similar result - a lot of hearts:

Have a nice week



  1. Do you have a written pattern for this? I do not follow charts. I am doing this the old way of crocheting via written.

    1. I'm sorry I don't have a written pattern.
      Maybe I'll find time to write it over time.

  2. Pretty pattern!
    Reading your introduction, I fail to understand if you are Australian or Austrian??? Quite a big difference, lol.