Thursday, October 13, 2022

Crochet denim clutch bag - free pattern

Today I would like to share with you the instructions for a crocheted clutch bag. It is quite handy on its own or you can put it in a large purse and still have everything organized and close at hand. 

 The instructions are quite simple and even a skilled beginner can handle them.

The size of the finished clutch bag is 30cm (12") in width and 20cm (8") in height. The total length of the handle is 40cm (16") folded in half.

As a material/yarn, I used leftovers the soft t-shirt yarn I had from another project. But it is possible to use practically anything, what suits your needs and the corresponding size of the hook (I used 5mm/H/6).


- crochet rectangle 40cm(16") x 30cm(12") according to the diagram/chart shown below. How big your clutch bag will be depends only on you, just keep in mind that the basic chain row must be divisible by two. Below the pictures is a link to a video tutorial that can help you with the stitch/sample.

 - because the bag is lined, you will need to sew a small rectangle from the lining that matches the size of the crocheted rectangle. 

- you will also need a zipper of the appropriate length and some hardware.

And now it's just a matter of putting the clutch bag together according to the picture.
I hope you will create a nice, modern accessory for yourself, that you will enjoy.  

Have a nice day  







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