Friday, September 21, 2018

Backpack and sacks – denim re-purposing ideas

For the Summer I made a backpack for myself, and sacks for both my daughter and me.
Take these pictures as denim re-purposing inspirations.

I’m not a professional sewer and I have very little sewing skills, all from Youtube only. I wouldn’t dare to write instructions of how to make those items. You can see you don’t really need much to make nice fashionable sacks. Just a bit of dedication, few pairs of interesting jeans and some stickers, bubbles or buttons you find at home. I got most of the material in local charity stores – all for less than 10 pounds.
My only enemy was the time – I did “waste” quite bit of time thinking and preparing how to do it. But I’m not sorry; the bags came out excellent. We are using them a lot; perfect for holidays or school and nobody else has got the same one. 

Have a nice day

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  1. que lindo trabalho...
    ficou realmente maravilhoso.
    grande abraço.